"Peaches Does Herself."
"Peaches Does Herself."

There are many, many things to be excited about regarding the 125+ films already announced for this September's Toronto International Film Festival (Terrence Malick, "Cloud Atlas," Sally Potter, "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," Ken Burns, "Anna Karenina," a new film starring Winona Ryder, etc, etc), but I think a film among today's announcement is the kicker:

Peaches Does Herself
Directed by Peaches
Germany/World Premiere
On the advice of a 65-year-old stripper, Peaches makes music that is sexually forthright. Her popularity grows and she becomes what her fans expect her to be: transsexual. She falls in love with a beautiful she-male, but Peaches gets her heart broken and has to realize who she really is. Described as an anti-jukebox musical. Peaches writes, directs and plays the role of Peaches herself.

A. Maze. Ing. Peaches -- Berlin based but Toronto born and raised -- will likely supplement the premiere with some sort of hot-ticket performance. Which I'm sure will be amazing, because everything Peaches does is amazing. But seeing what she's capable of taking on a seemingly semi-autobiographic "anti-jukebox" musical as writer, director and star is a hot enough ticket in itself for me.