The directorial debut of Matthew Chapman, U.S. Dramatic Competition title "The Ledge" disappointed when it debuted last night at the Eccles Center in Park City. Opening with a man (Charlie Hunnam) perched on a high-rise ledge, and then going back to depict the complex set of events that lead up to it, the twisty drama features an impressive cast in Hunnam, Liv Tyler, Patrick Wilson and Terrence Howard. And while the four offered decent performances (particularly Wilson), none of them could rise above a problematic and clunky script that overextends itself in trying to take on very big issues surrounding faith and religion, and their relationship to, among other things, homosexuality (Hunnam's character has a gay roommate who for absolutely no narrative reason is briefly HIV positive). Well-intentioned to be sure, "The Ledge" sadly ends up a considerable and often condescending mess.

Here's a clip from the Q&A, though fair warning it spoils the ending so don't watch if that's problematic for you: