Though not on the same level as "Lincoln"/New York Film Festival, the London Film Festival did manage a notable "secret screening" with the technical European premiere of David O. Russell's "Silver Linings Playbook."

I'd missed the film in Toronto, so was grateful to cross it off my my to-see list, even if I was generally pretty disappointed. Jennifer Lawrence is by far the highlight of what came across as much more slight a narrative than I expected.  There's some fantastic scenes, and I'll admit the ending is feel-good done right, but a lot of it was pretty clunky (also: Chris Tucker's character should have been written out completely and feels like a desperate attempt at seeming "diverse"... his role truly has no point save comic relief that just didn't work for me).

I look forward to being annoyed when it gets like 5 or 6 major Oscar nominations (and Jennifer is most definitely winning). Anyway, here's video of David O. Russell and Bradley Cooper on stage after the screening: