You may or may not be aware that the Canadian province of Quebec is about a week away from a heated election that could see the decade-long reign of the federalist (and frankly, corrupt) Liberal Party fall to the separatist (and frankly, xenophobic) Parti Quebecois. While the main options aren't exactly inspiring as far as this voter is concerned (though there thankfully are 4 other parties running), the importance of voting is as clear as ever, and Quebecois filmmaker Xavier Dolan wants you to know why.

Watch two videos Dolan made urging the importance of voting on September 4th below. If you're south of the border, you can translate the same message for your upcoming November date with the polls:

VOTE QC 2012 1/2 from SonsofManual on Vimeo.

VOTE QC 2012 2/2 from SonsofManual on Vimeo.