What is wrong with this woman? And why do people continue to idolize her as this "queen of the freaks"? It is clearly feeding her horribly annoying god complex. In this clip from her upcoming HBO special, Gaga comes across as a desperate and needy mess who is psychotically obsessed with her "kingdom of fans."

The clip makes clear a substantial difference between Gaga and Madonna, who she's been ripping off left and right lately: Madonna would never allow herself to come across so weak and bizarrely god-fearing. There's something really regressive about her behaviour here, and about Gaga in general. While Gaga's all about this "we can't help it we're born this way" watered-down brand of self-acceptance, Madonna was always much more about a complex combination self-empowerment and self-entitlement. It's not about being born a certain "way," but about, well, expressing yourself.