I've always loved me some "Mad Men." But I have to say these last two weeks - while keeping with its predictably meticulous and insightful writing, acting (seriously, give the young actress who plays Sally some special Emmy) and design - have seriously upped the hilarity ante. And most of it's been care of Peggy's attempt at becoming more loose (last week's marijuana-fueled scenes ranked with "Roseanne" as one of TV's funniest and most authentic pot-themed episodes). Here's two spoiler-y clips from last night's episode for your enjoyment:

Peggy's prank call:

And one of my favourite scenes from "Mad Men" ever. Beautifully awkward and perfectly written. (with this one, skip to 3:51 for the scene, and again - don't watch it if you don't want to spoil things).


(Excuse my tardiness in this entry - "Mad Men" doesn't air in Canada so I have a wait a few days to be able to (totally legally, of course!) download it.)