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Cannes 2012: Will 'The Master,' Terrence Malick's New Film, James Gray's Latest & More Actually Premiere?

Photo of Kevin Jagernauth By Kevin Jagernauth | The Playlist February 20, 2012 at 12:02PM

By this time last year, we already knew that Woody Allen’s “Midnight In Paris” would be opening the Cannes Film Festival, but as March looms closer, there still has been no word yet from organizers which film will kick off the festivities. Yet, that hasn’t stopped conjecture and suppostion as Cineuropa recently penned a speculatory long list of films they they guessing could be heading to Cannes (which includes iffy bets like Terrence Malick's next movie, Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master" and more). These lists are fun and all, they get the cinephiles' anticipation juices going (see one example here), but the reality of the matter is there is a element of wish fulfillment to all of them and less than half the films generally posted in these pieces actually end up appearing at the Croisette. Still, using that piece as a jumping off point, we decided to dig a bit deeper to sort out which movies are near certain locks, which are possibilities and those that aren’t going to make it all.
Welcome To The Punch

Welcome To The Punch” (dir. Eran Creevy)
Cast: James McAvoy, Mark Strong, Peter Mullan, Andrea Riseborough
Last month director Eran Creevy tweeted, "Date to deliver film: 3rd of March. Date girlfriend due to deliver baby: 2nd of March. Oh that's what that constant feeling of angst is." We figured this meant the thriller was gearing up for a SXSW bow, but with that festival locking up its schedule, could “Welcome To The Punch” have some larger aspirations? With no other major festival on the calendar, and a firm delivery date for the movie, this could be the case however, given that Creevy is still a rising director and the movie itself doesn’t have arthouse aspirations, our guess is that if it does go to France, it will be slotted in the Director’s Fortnight or Critics’ Week sidebars.

Kim Ki-Duk

"Pieta" (dir. Kim Ki-duk)
Cast: Unknown
Ok, we really don't know much about this at all. But according to Korean media, this engimatic helmer began shooting his latest feature on Febuary 15th with production slated to wrap at the end of the month. His plan is then to finish it and submit for consideration at Cannes. Considering how fast he works, we wouldn't be suprised, but he'll have a lot of convincing to do to anyone who waltzed into "Arirang" last time out, to get them to give him another shot.

Savages Benicio Del Toro Blake Lively (Small)

Savages” (dir. Oliver Stone)
Cast: Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Johnson, Blake Lively, Benicio Del Toro, John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Demian Birchir, Salma Hayek, Emile Hirsch
With Universal recently moving the picture out of the fall, into a prime summer release date (opposite "The Amazing Spider-Man" of all things) it likely means Oliver Stone has got this picture wrapped up faster than usual. If it does make it into the Cannes lineup, we doubt this B-movie thriller will play in any of the competition categories. But the combination of an auteur director with a ridiculously starry cast, makes this easy bait for an Out Of Competition slot.

Cogan's Trade Pitt Jenkins

Cogan's Trade” (dir. Andrew Dominik)
Cast: Brad Pitt, Ray Liotta, Richard Jenkins, James Gandolfini, Scoot McNairy, Ben Mendelsohn, Bella Heathcote, Sam Shepard, Garret Dillahunt
Considering this shot over a year ago (and early on was thought it might be a 2011 release), we don’t think it’s going to be a question of if this movie can be finished in time. However, considering it’s pure pulp entertainment, leaning more toward comedy than action, we’d be surprised if it’s being considered for anything other an out of competition bow at best. The Weinsteins don’t seem to have anything headed to Cannes this year (where in 2011, they got behind “The Artist” just before the festival started) so they may want to show this off . That said, Harvey might just be in buying mode and may hold this one for a festival premiere closer to its September release date.

Twylight Zones Set Photo

Untitled Rock 'N Roll Film (dir. David Chase)
Cast: Jack Huston, Will Brill, John Magaro, Brad Garrett, Bella Heathcote, Lisa Lampanelli
Last fall, Jack Huston revealed that not only has he and fellow leads John Magaro and Will Brill were continuing to jam as their fictional band Twylight Zones in David Chase's film, and that the trio may "play a gig in Cannes." Shooting got underway last spring, so we don't think having the movie finished in time will be a factor, however with an October 12th release date slated Huston, Brill and Magaro may have to plan on kicking out the jams in Venice or Toronto instead.

The Brave, Pixar

Brave” (dir. Mark Andrews)
Cast: Kelly Macdonald, Emma Thompson, Billy Connolly, Robbie Coltrane, Julie Walters, Craig Ferguson
Remember, while Cannes is all about the arthouse, their out of competition slate usually skews heavily mainstream. Pixar took advantage of this in 2009 when they premiered “Up,” and we could see the same happening this year with “Brave.” In many ways it’s the most ambitious effort they’ve put forth yet, with a period story led by a female protagonist, and the publicity boost a Cannes bow provides could be exactly what they’re looking for to help get the message out.

Snow White And The Huntsman Chris Hemsworth Kristen Stewart

"Snow White And The Huntsman" (dir. Rupert Sanders)
Cast: Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth
Again, Cannes is no stranger to hosting blockbusters and the last two years have seen summer movies “Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” and “Robin Hood” unspool in the south of France. Will “Snow White And The Huntsman” fill that slot this year? With the film set to open on June 1st (just a few days after Cannes closes) the timing seems right, and a splashy premiere would be a nice final topping on what is already a steady publicity machine behind the pic.

The Grand Master” (dir. Wong Kar Wai)
Cast: Tony Leung, Zhang Ziyi
Nobody really knows what the hell is going on with the director’s long-in-production, delayed and otherwise mysterious martial arts flick. A few stills and a teaser trailer have landed, and the movie was even rumored for Cannes last year, but there continues to be dead silence around the movie. If it kicks back to life and makes it into the festival, great, but we’re also not holding our breath either. But hey, legend has it that Wong Kar Wai delivered a dripping wet print of "2046" to Cannes last time out, and if the mercurial director is suddenly ready, the Croisette will find the space for him.

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