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Watch: Clip From 'Detachment' With Adrien Brody & Lucy Liu Features ADHD Rage

by Joe Cunningham
February 21, 2012 10:18 AM
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Tony Kaye has two things going for him. 1) Despite his subsequent features being relatively low profile, he directed the excellent "American History X" and thus will have our attention any time he has a new project. 2) He has the single greatest IMDB photo you're ever likely to see.

We reviewed his latest film,"Detachment," at Tribeca and called it a "fascinating mess you can't look away from," but after seeing a trailer for the movie and now this latest clip, the rest of us at the site who haven't seen it are still kind of looking forward to it regardless. We really liked the look of the trailer, which gave off a "Half Nelson" vibe, and the cast, headed by Adrien Brody and including the likes of Christina Hendricks, Bryan Cranston, James Caan, Marcia Gay Harden and Lucy Liu is one that makes you sit up and take notice.

Lucy Liu is the star of this latest clip that arrives via JoBlo. Her character Dr. Parker is dealing with an irate father on the telephone as we cut back to his child getting into a fight, which eventually sees Brody's teacher Henry Barnes breaking it up. We like the way this clip is cut together, with its quasi-documentary feel. So thumbs up on what we've seen so far and we'll see the rest when it arrives on March 16th.

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  • Student | March 12, 2012 1:43 PMReply

    The most amazing is how very true this is in many ways. So many parents are out
    of touch and involvement when it comes their kids and what their kids are REALLY doing
    in school, mostly the kids AREN'T doing, just causing trouble or distractions for the
    small percentage of kids that REALLY want to learn. You should hear what they say about their home life...

  • JR | February 21, 2012 7:21 PMReply

    Adrien Brody is so perfect in this role. So handsome!!!!

  • alish | February 21, 2012 5:21 PMReply

    Lucy Liu is so beautiful!

  • Shala | February 21, 2012 2:02 PMReply

    I actually saw this at Tribeca last year and really liked it. I liked the whole faux documentary vibe of it and thought Adrien Brody was very good.

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