American Reunion

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Or something. With the "American Pie" franchise spawning seven sequels/spinoffs -- including this spring's "American Reunion" -- they haven't changed the format of the films (for better or worse), and with the entire gang now back together, cum-stuck pages of porno mags still rank as high comedy.

A new trailer has landed for the sequel which finds our aged cast getting back together for their high school reunion and seemingly battling a new generation when it comes to sexual hijinks. Jim contemplates banging the girl he used to babysit who has just turned eighteen, while Stifler rails against this day job by shitting in a cooler belonging to some no good kids. Eugene Levy and Jennifer Coolidge are there to mine laughs out of the sex-between-older-people-is-gross category, while we barely spend any time with the rest of the female cast. Anyway, if you liked the other movies, you'll probably like this one -- seems cut right from the same cloth.

"American Reunion" opens on April 6th.