Cristian Mungiu

Manoel de Oliveira is 105 years-old, and while other filmmakers talk about retirement or wanting to try something different, the Portuguese director doesn't know the word quit. That's right, he's already in production on his next project, so whatever little complaints you might have about your day, maybe take it down a notch because Oliveira is still shuffling around, getting it down.

His new film is a short entitled "O Velho do Restelo (The Old Man from the Restelo)," and it "recounts the life and work of Portuguese romantic writer Camilo de Castelo Branco. It is through these literary references, which also incorporate others such as those of Miguel de Cervantes, that the film will create a reflection on Portugal and its history." Even at over at 100 years old, Oliveira had to hustle to get financing for the five-day production, but it has all come together, with everything expected to be completed in August. Venice Film Festival, anyone? [Cineuropa]

Meanwhile, Romanian filmmaker Cristian Mungiu ("4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days," "Beyond The Hills") has nabbed financing for his next project, "RMN." What is it about? No details yet but Romania's National Centre of Cinematography has given him one million euros to play with. And, frankly, any word about a new Mungiu film is good news, so let's hope this one gets rolling soon. [Business Review/Cineuropa]