“Society” (1989)

Society” (1989)
There’s no escaping it: “Society” is a slow-burn horror effort that builds up to one helluva finale. “From Beyond” writer Brian Yuzna made his directorial debut with this story of a preppie kid who just doesn’t seem to feel at home amongst his upper-crust friends and family, as if they were all speaking another language. What he eventually learns is that his status as an outsider to this “society” isn’t accidental, and that there’s not a whole lot he has in common with the 1-percenters who populate his life, and the hints of debauched sex and incest build to a conclusion for the ages. Spoilers ahead, naturally, but you really can’t spoil the sight of a skin-melting orgy where the rich swallow the poor in graphic detail, each member of the upper class leaking into each other as their skin becomes a collective goo destined to swallow our young hero. The prosthetics from Screaming Mad George are one-of-a-kind sickening, depicting a fall-of-Rome debauchery with epic detail, skewering the film’s earlier Cronenbergian version of “The O.C.” by taking the social critique to an absurd level. But the real crowning achievement in this skin-smacking display of alien body melt (which would be homaged years later in James Gunn’s “Slither”) is how grotesquely delighted some of the participants of this free-for-all really are. Is it a surprise that this man has a face where he should have a butthole, or that the face is SMILING??


MacGruber” (2010)
“The game has changed, but the players remain the same!” goes the call–and-response mantra of “MacGruber,” and it goes double for the titular hero’s late lady love. MacGruber (Will Forte) still can’t get over the death of his wife Casey (Maya Rudolph) on their wedding day, murdered by a missile launched by heartbroken villain Dieter Von Cunth (Val Kilmer). MacGruber just can’t seem to pull himself out of that funk, and as a result, he shrinks when propositioned by new lover Vicki St. Elmo (Kristen Wiig) out of respect for his lost bride. When Casey returns as a ghost, she finds it within herself to allow our hero a tender night of lovemaking with his new conquest. But still wracked by guilt, MacGruber makes moves on his ghost bride over her grave. What starts as a romantic coupling quickly devolves into guttural groans and hostile, nonsensical dirty talk as Forte’s bare bottom is seen roughly thrusting between Rudolph’s spectral legs, giving her the most inappropriate rogering in the middle of a sea of graves. What first seems like a bittersweet final farewell and a cathartic letting-go soon becomes a grossly porny show of affection from a sweating lunatic who doesn’t seem to realize he’s not hammering a nail into a wall with his crotch.

As usual, just the tip of the iceberg. Other examples include: "Southland Tales" (car-on-car animated sex scene), “The Devil’s Advocate” (three way with the devil coaching), “Coneheads” (just weird), “Clerks” (necrophilia), “Bram Stoker's Dracula” (bestiality/werewolf rape, vampyros Lesbos orgy), “Pink Flamingos” (gross), “Hollow Man” (invisible man sexual assault), “Demon Seed” (house sex), “Wet Hot American Summer” (I'm going to hump the refrigerator!), the awfulness that is the sadomasochistic “Salo,” “Splice,” The Howling,” “Species,” ”Re-Animator,” the creepy orgy in “Eyes Wide Shut,” “Nekromantik,” “The Room," and of course as many more as can fit into your probably very scarred and disturbed memory. You always have your own ideas and picks so sound off below at a sex scene that’s disturbing, weird of funny. Or one that you wish you'd never witnessed. - Drew Taylor, Gabe Toro, Rodrigo Perez and Jessica Kiang