Seventh Son

"The Seventh Son"
The Pitch: In a medieval England plagued with supernatural creatures, young Tom, the seventh son of a seventh son, is taken under the wing of the legendary Spook to learn how to battle fearsome witches.
The Pros: Joseph Delaney's Wardstone Chronicles have been in the works over at Warner Bros for a while, in the hope that it might be able to step in for the Harry Potter franchise. "Mongol" director Sergei Bodrov is helming, at the film has an impressive cast, with Ben Barnes in the lead role, Jeff Bridges as the Spook, Julianne Moore as the villain and Alicia Vikander, Olivia Williams and Kit Harrington also on board. The book series has stretched to eight novels so far, and the fanbase seems to be out there.
The Cons: Then again, they said that about "Eragon." A medieval, "Witchfinder General" kind of setting is appealing to us, but can it hit the teen demographic the same way as vampire high schools or futuristic death matches? While there's romance, it doesn't seem to be so prevalent, suggesting that this is one that'll appeal to genre fans more than to all four quadrants.
Status: Starts filming any day now, and hits theaters on February 15, 2013.

Through To You

"Through To You"
The Pitch: Camden, a teen grieving the death of his girlfriend Viv meets a woman from a parallel world, in which Viv is still alive, and sets out to win her back.
The Pros: Emily Hainsworth's debut novel doesn't come out until this October, but Paramount and Montecito have had the rights since last March. And intriguingly, they've set Drake Doremus, Ben York Jones and Jonathan Schwartz, the director, co-writer and producer of acclaimed indie "Like Crazy," to make the film, suggesting that this could be something a little more nuanced than your average teen bait fantasy. Plus, the film could fall in the sweet spot between genre fare and weepies like "The Vow" and "The Notebook."
The Cons: With Doremus working on another semi-improvised project, word has been deathly quiet on this. The concept may be a tough nut to crack to make it widely appealing, and the film doesn't seem to hold the same franchise opportunity as some of its rivals.
Status: In development, we assume.

Any of your own favorites we've missed? "Gladiator" producers Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher snapped up the rights to the very "Hunger Games"-sounding "Divergent" for Summit, with "Snow White And The Huntsman" writer Evan Daughtery penning the script, and Jeff Bridges is working on one of his long-time favorites, "The Giver," which he'll also star in, while Taylor Lautner was set to star in futuristic prison tale "Incarceron" with Emma Watson, but the film seemed to stall after his vehicle "Abduction" tanked.