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The Playlist Year In Quotes 2012

Photo of Oliver Lyttelton By Oliver Lyttelton | The Playlist December 21, 2012 at 2:11PM

For those of us who've been here since The Playlist was a rinky-dink little blogspot, it's pretty exciting that, as we've grown along with our faithful readers, we've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to talk more and more to the actors, writers and directors of the films we love. And 2012 was certainly our biggest year ever. Both as regular business and as part of the festival circuit (we were at Sundance, SXSW, Tribeca, Karlovy Vary, Cannes, LAFF, NYFC, TIFF, Venice, Marrakech, London and more), we managed to talk to dozens and dozens filmmakers and performers.
James Gray

"If it’s big enough, if you’re working hard enough, there’s some force that gets created that brings good things into your life and protects you from getting destroyed...You feel like you’re protected when you’re doing it right. And when you’re doing things wrong, things go actually wrong.”
"Beasts Of The Southern Wild" director Benh Zeitlin, on the role fate has played in his success

"When I walked onto that set I’d been in an ashram for a year, learning to separate orgasm from ejaculation."

"When I walked onto that set I’d been in an ashram for a year, learning to separate orgasm from ejaculation."
Terence Stamp, on what he was doing before making "Superman II"

"I shouldn’t say this but I had a meeting at a big studio about 6 months ago, and she said, 'I’ve seen all your movies, I loved you in ‘Alice Creed,’ I love you in ‘Tess of the D’Urbervilles’ so how about the hot girl in'  -- I can’t say the film, but just the most awful action movie ever. And I said, ‘Are you serious? Are you joking?’ And she was like, ‘Well that’s all we have for you.’ But that’s what the majority of the parts are for somebody my age, you just have to be really strong and not take them, and hope that the great parts come along.”
Gemma Arterton on being a woman in Hollywood

"I had no idea who Marion Cotillard was. When I was in Paris for 'Two Lovers,' a publicist told me, 'A guy named Guillaume Canet wants to have lunch with you.' So we met and had lunch, I found him incredibly funny -- I didn’t know anything he had done at that stage, but we sort of bonded because a rat ran across the floor of the restaurant. And then he said, 'Come meet my girlfriend' and I met this woman who looked like a silent film actress like Pola Negri or something. And I said, 'Who’s your girlfriend?' and he said [French accent] 'You don’t know my girlfriend? She won an Oscar, are you stupide?' "
James Gray on meeting his "Lowlife" star Marion Cottilard for the first time

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