Skyfall Daniel Craig

It has been a long four years since we last had James Bond saving the world on the big screen. Throughout the history of the franchise, the producers have generally stuck to a new Bond film every two years, though there have been hiccups along the way (the longest gap was six years between "License To Kill" and "GoldenEye"). But it looks like with the motor back and running, Eon Productions aren't going to be wasting any more time.

At CinemaConSony's President of Worldwide Distribution Rory Bruer announced that the 24th Bond movie will be ready for a 2014 holiday release. However, the big question is if Daniel Craig will come back. Like the man who have worn the tuxedo before him, Craig was contracted to three movies with an option to do the fourth. So technically, if he's tired of all this running around and wants to do something else, he very well can. But will he? We sort of doubt it since this is easily the crown jewel on his CV at the moment. That said, his agents may do some hardball negotiating, particularly if "Skyfall" is a massive hit.

So, start dreamcasting your Bond girls now. "Skyfall" opens on November 9th. [MI6]