Frankenstein Rebel

It's only just Monday morning, and here we are to throw a fun, distracting spanner in the works of your productivity. An online collection of rare, incredibly fun behind-the-scene photos has been doing the rounds this morning (h/t to @nevpierce and @katbrown82), featuring 100 stills from the sets of 100 of the greatest and most famous films in history.

There's nothing brand new here, but the archive, painstakingly assembled by joinyouinthesun, is full of gold from the sets of everything from "Frankenstein" and "The Dark Knight Rises." To give you a taste, we've picked out five of our favorites below, from "Psycho," "2001," "All The President's Men," "Taxi Driver" and "Inception," and you can check out 95 more over at joinyouinthesun. Warning, though; you'll lose at least 15 minutes to it... 

Psycho BTS skip crop
2001 BTS skip crop
BTS ATPM skip crop
BTS Taxi Driver skip crop
BTS Inception