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So, you know how everyone around your office loves "Mad Men" and now drinks scotch, orders fancy cocktails, wears old school suits and pencil skirts, and suddenly loves French pop? Well, will "Gangster Squad" be the next pop culture event to send everyone raiding their grandma's attic for vintage goods?

Warner Bros. has just dropped a crate full of photos from the new movie, and yeah, those fedoras, slick jackets, and glammed out dresses look pretty hot. The film, which is positioning itself as this generation's "The Untouchables" or "The Godfather" is certainly having fun with period details, and why not when you have the sexy shoulders of Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Josh Brolin, Anthony Mackie and more to hang it off of?

Take a look below and see "Gangster Squad" when it goes goes on patrol starting January 11, 2013.

Gangster Squad
Gangster Squad, Gosling, Brolin
Gangster Squad, Mackie
Gangster Squad,Brolin, Penn
Gangster Squad, Emma Stone
Gangster Squad Brolin Gosling
Gangster Squad
Gangster Squad
Gangster Squad Brolin Mackie
Gangster Squad Josh Brolin
Gangster Squad Sean Penn

Gangster Squad, Brolin, Nolte

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Gangster Squad, Brolin, Nolte

  • Gangster Squad, Brolin, Nolte

Gangster Squad, Brolin, Nolte
Gangster Squad, Brolin,