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By Christopher Cantos: Memories Of Murder was a 2003 film right? and Oldboy was 2004. I'm with you on Cache. My first Hanake film. Man that was something

The 10 Best Films Of 2005

Jan 31undefined, 2015 6:50am

By N Thompson: Gee, that sounds like a serious threat. Nothing indicates the fear and anxiety of a legitimate threat like a Facebook post designed to…

Michael Moore Says Clint Eastwood Threatened To "Kill" Him 10 Years Ago, Calls 'American Sniper' A "Mess"

Jan 31undefined, 2015 6:12am

By marsha: Why does Nicole Kidman always have to whisper? Sorry, I don't see what is so great about her.

Watch: Nicole Kidman Is Not Ready For Romance In First Clip From Werner Herzog's 'Queen Of The Desert'

Jan 31undefined, 2015 6:06am

By Kate H: Oh dear, the Jar Jars are out in force today defending their unholy idol from whose fundament all virtue proceeds and for whom all others are…

“All The Money Is In The Action Figures”: George Lucas Slams Empty Hollywood Blockbusters

Jan 31undefined, 2015 5:27am

By Emperor Zerg Rush: All of this is a bit funny, since Whedon inadvertently stepped into his own mess when he was trying to take the whole GamerGate brigade to…

Joss Whedon Says 'Lucy' Is "A Huge Step" In Advancing Female-Driven Blockbusters

Jan 31undefined, 2015 1:18am

By Emperor Zerg Rush: I blame whoever is behind the bogeymanproductions YouTube account for that sloppy/lazy spelling, not anyone involved with Indiewire/The…

Watch: Alternate Ending For 'Evil Dead' Remake Plus Deleted Scenes Unseen In The U.S.

Jan 31undefined, 2015 1:14am