While George Clooney has recently been taking his handsome face to Venice, Telluride and Toronto to stump for his fall movies "Ides Of March" and "The Descendants," Norwegians are getting a completely different look at the actor/writer/director.

Because he doesn't have enough money (or perhaps because villas on Lake Como don't pay for themselves), Clooney stars in an ad for NOR bank, in which a woman wakes up from "The Hangover"-esque night to realize to her horror, she's married to Danny Ocean. While we're pretty sure there are a numerous fanfic sites dedicated to that very dream, this is played as a nightmare to mildly comic effect that turns into a message about savings. Or something. Anyway, it's worth a minute of your time as you run down the clock at work and it's yet another curious entry into the Hollywood Stars Doing Weird Foreign Ads canon. Check it out below. [Adrants]