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Review: Gamer Culture Remains Cinematically Untapped Despite Well-Meaning Disappointment 'Noobz'

  • By Mark Zhuravsky
  • |
  • January 23, 2013 6:59 PM
  • |
Don't get us wrong -- from the moment we laid eyes on "Noobz," a sinking feeling set in. The final product could prove generic at best or a travesty at worst, one of those interminable films that's just bad. Still, a tiny pocket of hope lingered, a miniscule possibility that this film could in some way capture the passion, obsession and community that "Indie Game: The Movie" highlighted to great effect. "Noobz" snuffs out that hope early on, despite co-writer, director, and co-star Blake Freeman's repeat attempts to capture base gamer culture. This is due in part to the script, co-written by Freeman and Marvin Wilson, which briefly touches on the aimless, low-ambition lives of four gamers and then spirals off into the done-to-death road-trip-to-the-big-money-tournament plot. Freeman also damages his own production by playing one of the characters -- Cody, a cocky, careless pit of bottomless pessimism who elicits the least sympathy since Seth Rogen's acidic Britt Reid dragged down Michel Gondry's 'The Green Hornet.'

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