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Recap: 'Boardwalk Empire' Season 4, Episode 8 ‘The Old Ship Of Zion’

  • By Rodrigo Perez
  • |
  • October 27, 2013 10:19 PM
  • |
Boardwalk Empire, Season 4
Yes, “Boardwalk Empire” takes a long time to coalesce, but we’ll admit, when its early chess piece moves begin to fall into place, and you can see the forest for the trees on the board, boy does it get good. In tonight’s absorbing episode, Nucky Thompson’s (Steve Buscemi) latest booze shipment from Florida arrives with some unexpected cargo. It’s Sally Wheet (Patricia Arquette), Nucky’s lady in the Sunshine State who is overseeing the business. She's the mercurial firecracker who got into a fistfight with Nuck and then made love to him in the season's sixth episode, “North Star.” Arriving unannounced, she throws Nucky for a bit of a loop. And what’s more, she’s hard to pin down and seems to be in no mood to pick up where Nucky and her last left off. In fact, Atlantic City underling gangster Mickey Doyle (Paul Sparks) appears to be taking a shine to her, and she doesn’t seem to mind the attention. Nucky doesn’t really know where he stands and he doesn’t like it. Several threads simmering all season come to a boil tonight.

Interview: 'Sparrows Dance' Director Noah Buschel & Star Marin Ireland On Mumblecore, Low Budgets & More

  • By Drew Taylor
  • |
  • August 21, 2013 6:04 PM
  • |
This weekend, a movie that is very close to our hearts finally opens. "Sparrows Dance" is a micro-sized indie romantic comedy about a woman (played by Marin Ireland from "Homeland") who refuses to leave her apartment, which makes meeting someone something of a challenge. This changes when her toilet gets backed up and she has to hire a plumber (Paul Sparks from "Boardwalk Empire"). Love blossoms, of course, but as Poison taught us, every rose has its thorns, and this rose is super thorny. We saw the film before last year's Hamptons Film Festival and fell in love. It's just as quirky and fun and technically proficient as something like "Frances Ha," and it's finally seeing the light of day thanks to Tribeca Films.

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