Axe Susan Glenn

Well, celebrities need to pay for those second or third vacation homes. And gas prices aren't getting any cheaper. In the past week or so there seems to have been a slight uptick in ads featuring some pretty well known names, so we've rounded up them here to help close off your week.

First up, Kiefer Sutherland takes some time out to jump into a spot for, unbelievably, Axe Body Spray. Perhaps even more unbelievably, is that the ad the mostly ditches the neanderthal tenor of most of the douche spray's usual ads, for something with an actual bit of story (though there is a rather gratuitous boob shot early on). The one minute ad is a tiny short film of sorts, with Sutherland pining after the high school sweetheart that never was, Susan Glenn (we've all had a Susan Glenn), and of course, if he could do it over, he would've bathed himself in Axe. And man, has Sutherland's voice always been that ruggedly awesome? He sounds like a whiskey soaked Alec Baldwin. [EW]