Adam Goldberg Harold Perrineau Sasha Grey

If 2012 is the battle of the Snow White movies, it looks like 2013 may be the smuttier war between porn biopics of the infamous Linda Lovelace. Hot on the heels of "Lovelace" shoring up their cast with Demi Moore and Adam Brody, "Inferno" has fired back with casting of its own.

To bring you back up to speed, this is the project with Malin Akerman as Lovelace, Matt Dillon as her husband Chuck Traynor and Paz De La Huerta in a supporting role. Well, Variety reports a few more names have been confirmed, with Adam Goldberg, Harold Perrineau and former porn star Sasha Grey all boarding the project, written and directed by Matthew Wilder. Goldberg will take the role of Harry Reems, the infamous co-star of the notorious "Deep Throat," while Perrineau (best known as Michael from "Lost") will attempt to channel Lovelace's lover, none other than Sammy Davis Jr. As for Grey, no word yet on her role, but it should be noted she actually read for the lead back in February (and you can watch those audition tapes below).

Shooting on the picture will gear up in February, just a month after "Lovelace" has started lensing, but both will be eager to get across the finish line first. Wilder's pic may have a slightly different angle to it, being based on Lovelace's first memoir, the not so subtly tilted "Ordeal." And if you may recall, when Lindsay Lohan was attached to the lead oh those many moons ago, the script was described as being quite gritty with "child abuse, three orgasms, two beatings, intense humiliation and a bloody car crash" all happening within the first 32 pages. Fun!

We'll see how these all play out, but at least one of them will be good, right?