Nespresso George Clooney

So why do celebrities like endorsing products? Well, Page Six's recent report is fairly instructive, as they reveal that Matt Damon got paid $150,000/second, or $3 million, for twenty seconds of work to feature in a new Nespresso spot with his good pal George Clooney. That coffee must be really good. Anyway, you can watch the "Monuments Men" pair bring their skills to selling java in a spot direct by Clooney collaborator and producer, Grant Heslov. And if Damon got $3 million, we're wondering how much Clooney got and if it was really worth it for Nespresso.

Meanwhile, U.K. store Marks & Spencer has launched their “Christmas Magic & Sparkle” campaign with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, David Gandy and Helena Bonham Carter. It's a fairy tale-inspired spot that finds Huntington-Whiteley going on a Dorothy-like adventure (one in which the Victoria's Secret model loses her clothes at one point, obviously) in an advert that looks like it actually cost whatever Nespresso paid Damon for his brief work. Different strokes, different folks we guess. Check out both spots below. [News Australia/The Inspiration Room]