Jonah Hill Channing Tatum 21 Jump Street

Bigger and badder than anything Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum have done before, "21 Jump Street" is the kind of action comedy that is getting labels like "instant classic" thrown around (okay, maybe we said that). And while the movie has been marketed hard, one thing you won't be getting (oddly enough) is an official soundtrack or score (which is a pity because Mark Mothersbaugh of Wes Anderson-film fame composed the score), but not to worry because we got you covered there.

Below you'll see the list of every song featured in "21 Jump Street." It's a pretty diverse mix of stuff ranging from the classics (The Clash, N.W.A.) to the up-and-comers (Foster The People, Rye Rye), and we've included samples of the songs referenced in the movie including Pete Seeger's take on "Fifteen Miles On The Erie Canal Song" and Mary Martin's rendition of "I've Gotta Crow." All said, it's a pretty eclectic blend, but in case you need to know which song it was that you heard, there's a good chance it's on our list.

"21 Jump Street" opens on March 16th. Turn up your speakers and check out all the songs on the next page.