A Bittersweet Life Allen Hughes

While his brother Albert is having a hard time getting a movie mounted, with "Motor City" recently being scuttled, Allen Hughes is on a bit of a tear. He's in post-production of "Broken City," the thriller starring Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe and Catherine Zeta-Jones, and now he's lining up a remake that will be sure to raise some eyebrows, particularly among fans of Korean cinema.

Hughes will direct a remake of Kim Jee-woon's "A Bittersweet Life." The 2005 crime flick -- one of the stepping stones that put the director on the international map -- tells the story of a hitman tasked to kill the mistress of a boss, along with her lover. Instead, he beats them and makes them promise never to see each other, falls in love with the mistress...and as you might guess, things spiral out from there. And of course, this is all under the stewardship of Kim's distinct eye.

Of course, we're not exactly thrilled by this, but apparently Fox and New Regency have a script they really like with everything being put on the fast track, while Anthony Peckham ("Invictus," "Sherlock Holmes") is banging out a new draft. And, this isn't Allen's first kick at the Asian cinema remake can, as he was attached to helm the forever-developing live-action "Akira" over at Warner Bros. with his brother.

We guess if this has to happen, Hughes is a decent enough choice, and lord knows they could do worse. Let's just hope it does some justice to the original. [Deadline]