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And So It Begins: New 'The Dark Knight Rises' Viral Campaign Launches Ahead Of Trailer

by Kevin Jagernauth
April 30, 2012 8:23 AM
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Batman Wanted Header

With "Prometheus" dropping an eye-popping three-minute trailer yesterday and generally speaking, occupying the print over the last few weeks thanks to a slick and intriguing marketing campaign, "The Dark Knight Rises" has fallen a bit behind in stoking anticipation from fanboys. But you can never count out Christopher Nolan or Warner Bros., and with a new trailer set to drop in front of "The Avengers" this weekend, a new viral campaign has kicked off at the official website for the movie.

It's not much at the moment, but it does provide seven pages of the Gotham Police Department's Anonymous Vigilante Investigation. With 'Rises' said to take place eight years after the events in "The Dark Knight," Batman is still wanted and in exile, with the Gotham PD actively searching for him in the run up to Harvey Dent Day. You can take a full look at the report over on the official site but we've got a few pages for you below. And as we already know from the first trailer, Jim Gordon will be coaxing Batman to return.

And is usually the case with these things, playing around with the code at the end of the Wanted poster brings up some frames from the new trailer which you can scrutinize below (via ComingSoon). "The Dark Knight Rises" lands on July 20th.

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Frames
Batman Wanted full
Batman Warrant Full
Batman Memo Full
Batman Evidence Full
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  • cory everett | April 30, 2012 8:49 AMReply

    Looks like by tweeting or emailing the code at the end, it'll unlock the trailer frame(s) by frame.

  • cirkusfolk | April 30, 2012 9:40 AM

    I give a fanboy approximately 3 hours before they have the trailer assembled. Of course, they'll have to make up their own sound.

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