In case you're wondering if there is public desire for an "Avatar 2," perhaps this recent bit of trivia will be illuminating. It would seem that James Cameron's "Avatar" is still breaking records, and just as Germans love David Hasselhoff, it would seem Spaniards really enjoy Pandora.

Rapid TV News reports that "Avatar" became the most watched TV movie in the country since 2000, commanding "32% audience share and over six million viewers over the two days the film was broadcast." Wait, the movie was split in two? Meaning people had to schedule their time over two evenings to watch this? And they still tuned in? Maybe there's more to those blue characters than we thought. Anyway, until we see what Cameron does in his sequel to captivate those in Spain and the rest of the world again, here's a 40-minute documentary from the "Inside The Creative Mind" series focused on Cameron and his work, courtesy of the vault digging TheShiek1976.