BAFTA Les Miserable Lincoln Poster Header

The Oscars aren't the only major awards ceremony in February that will attract movie stars and airheaded red carpet commentators in equal measure. Across the pond, the BAFTAs will hand out their trophies a couple weeks earlier, and attendees will get something nice too, just for showing up.

The printed programs of the BAFTAs will feature five distinct creations from illustrator Jonathan Burton capturing the Best Film nominees -- "Argo," "Les Misérables," "Life Of Pi," "Lincoln" and "Zero Dark Thirty." So if you know someone who knows someone who's best friend's neighbor is going, ask them to hold on to a copy for you. These are pretty evocative little recreations from the movies, which really do a good job of expressing how they each stand out and why.

If you really want one of these to hang from your wall, you can buy them right here. Take a look below. The BAFTAs take place on February 10th. [Live For Films]

Argo BAFTA Poster
Les Miserables BAFTA Poster
Life Of Pi BAFTA Poster
Lincoln BAFTA Poster
Zero Dark Thirty BAFTA Poster