Yesterday, we got an eyefull with the "sensual" promo art highlighting Anne Hathaway's Catwoman, but today brings us some brand new looks at the actual movie, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly (scanned by Batman News), in what is likely the kick off to the last leg of the marketing campaign for "The Dark Knight Rises."

So what do we get? Well, it looks like Bane does some business at the Gotham stock exchange, and probably tries to refinance his mortgage. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne gets comfortable with Lucius Fox in a bathrobe, while outside as Batman he tries to Check In on Facebook with his souped up iPad. Meanwhile, Catwoman looks like the kitten who got the cream with an empty vault, while Joseph Gordon-Levitt keeps pretending he's a cop and not Robin (or whatever).

Okay, we're being a bit snarky, but we are looking forward to the film (even if we're more excited for "Prometheus" -- the next trailer better fucking bring it). "The Dark Knight Rises" opens on July 20th.

Christian Bale Morgan Freeman The Dark Knight Rises
Anne Hathaway The Dark Knight Rises
Christian Bale The  Dark Knight Rises
Christian Bale Anne Hathaway The Dark Knight Rises
Joseph Gordon-Levitt The Dark Knight Rises skip crop