Lore Barry Sonnenfeld Dwayne Johnson

For the five of you that are going to wonder.... No, this is not remake of Cate Shortland's recent post-WWII drama, but instead is Warner Bros. upcoming graphic novel adaptation that has Dwayne Johnson attached to star. And now, it's locking down a director.

"Men In Black" trilogy helmer Barry Sonnenfeld is in talks for the gig which Deadline says was "a hot job" with the studio meeting "with a bunch of good directors." So why Sonnenfeld got hired is a mystery (*rimshot*). But apparently, the movie will be tonally similar to "Men In Black," so he's a good fit for the material anyway. Based on the comic by T.P. Louise and Ashley Wood, the film is set in a world once full of mythical creatures – ones which have long since been banished and held by a secret society of Shepherds. Cory Goodman ("Priest") wrote the script with Jeremy Lott penned the script.

So...hooray? Sonnenfeld isn't exactly a name you pick to get audiences excited, but he's a proven money-maker who can handle big budgets, special effects and deliver, so we guess he's a good hire. But remember when this guy was a cinematographer for the Coens and worked on "Blood Simple," "Raising Arizona" and "Miller's Crossing"? Whatever happened to that Barry Sonnenfeld?