Baz Luhrman

From Shakespeare to F. Scott Fitzgerald, from the outback of "Australia" to the dizzying heights of "Moulin Rouge," whatever you can say about director Baz Luhrmann, lacking vision isn't one of them. And perhaps in a strange way, his operatic scale and readiness to work on a huge canvas makes total sense for this next gig.

Deadline reports that things are being put together for Luhrmann to helm the Steven Spielberg-produced HBO miniseries biopic "Napoleon." The project rises out of the ashes of Stanley Kubrick's long-developing, never made movie about the legendary French military leader. "I've been developing Stanley Kubrick's screenplay -- for a miniseries not for a motion picture -- about the life of Napoleon. Kubrick wrote the script in 1961, a long time ago," Spielberg said this past spring. But there are still a lot of questions to be answered.

Has any other writer stepped in on this new iteration? Does the production have access to the wealth of material Kubrick accumulated (enough that thre's a book about his research)? How long will this miniseries actually be? Our guess is that until a director is locked down—Deadline notes "deals are a long way from being made"—those queries will go answered. But undoubtedly the combination of Luhrmann/Spielberg/Kubrick is pretty exciting. So we'll see how this goes, and we'd guess so too will Rupert Sanders, who has a rival project brewing at Warner Bros.