Anna Hathaway Jean Dujardin
We’re betting that pretty much every A-lister out there has an early acting gig that they’d be happy never saw the light of day. Unluckily for Anne Hathaway and Jean Dujardin, the internet will always uncover those embarrassing early jobs sooner or later, and their time is now. Take a look at a couple of early ads that the now Oscar-winners made before they were famous.

Okay, so Hathaway’s isn’t that bad – although we’re sure that the inexplicably large group of people who hate the “Les Miserables” actress to her very core will hate her in this too – but it is from the '90s, so it’s as cheesy and embarrassing as you might reasonably expect from anything to come out of that decade. Way to sell landlines to Cincinatti, Annie!

Dujardin, though. Wow. French TV ads look AMAZING! What is going on there? Sporting bleached blonde hair and getting close-ups that even Tom Hooper would balk at, Dujardin is nigh on unrecognizable behind that line of Simpsons mugs. We’re not sure what he’s even advertising, but we promise we will buy one if we never have to watch this ad again. If this is representative of Dujardin’s pre-“The Artist” career, then it’s no wonder he had to go silent to win his Oscar. [Jezebel/MSN]