3. Bryan Cranston liked stepping out of the shoes of Walter White, and into a role as a good guy – a move he deems important for the film.
Losing the bespectacled and bald trappings of Walter White, Bryan Cranston stepped into the shoes of Jack O’Donnell, a role he deems important because, “One thing I noticed about the question regarding the lack of antagonist, and perhaps it was just ideology was the protagonist of [‘Argo’], it’s incredible how Josh and Chris were able to hold up the story and have it exist on that level – and still propel the plot forward.” Though in regards to his character in particular, Cranston adds that, “What I was amazed at was the chance for all these characters to be heroic in their own right. Jack O’Donnell had his time, and the other characters had their time, and they did it for patriotism. They didn’t do it for any personal or public recognition, any financial gain, it was out of thinking about ‘What is the greatest good?” He adds that the message of the film in his eyes is, “the idea and the concept that great things can happen through cooperation.” Cranston also adds, “Hopefully, if that’s a subliminal message that filters through our Congress here in the United States, that could be a good thing – to lessen the divisiveness.”

Argo, Affleck, Arkin, Goodman
4. As far as the soon to be infamous “Ar-go-f**k yourself” line muttered throughout the film, Affleck and screenwriter Chris Terrio confirm that it was indeed real.
A line repeated throughout the film to great comedic effect, Goodman – who portrays movie make-up legend John Chambers in the film -- recounts the time he first received the script, saying “they told me the name of the script was ‘Argo,' and that’s the first thing I thought of. It’s an old joke.” Terrio adds that, “It’s real, Tony Mendez and John Chambers -- it was a joke among those two. They said when they were wound up by the tension of the mission, they would often diffuse it by looking at each other and saying ‘Ar-go-f**k yourself.’ That was a historical gift from the now deceased John Chambers.”

“Argo” opens nationwide on October 12th.