At a very young age you actually persuaded you parents to move to LA so you could pursue your acting career. How did you manage that?
You know, my dad instantly said yes, it was weird he was like “YEP! Sure!” and then mom was like, “we’re gonna talk about this! Why did you just say yes?” and then we talked about it for a month and it ended up being yes. But my dad knew from a very young age what he wanted to do – he builds, he’s a contractor and he was always building things with his hands when he was young and he started a business when he was young. And I think he could see, I’d been doing a lot of Youth Theater and he could see, this is what she’s going to do, this is what she wants to do, and he instantly kind of believed in it. And I was very lucky my parents didn’t really see me as an extension of themselves, they saw me an an individual and they understood I wanted to act even though they themselves are not actors. So I was very, very lucky that they supported me as an individual.

"It’s an insanely wonderful and incredible position to be in to get to say yes or no, based on what feels right and not on paying rent."

You seem mature for your age. Do you feel mature?
I feel 75. I’m taking Metamucil, I have dentures. Heh. No, I don’t think I’ve ever really identified myself with any particular age. I didn’t go to college and I didn’t really go to high school… I just feel really old and bitter. Kidding. Only sometimes.

Starting out at 15, when most girls are very critical of their appearance, do you find now you have to fight against your beauty to avoid being cast just as a pretty face? [This question actually went on way longer but that’s the best sense we can make of it.]
[scrunches up face incredulously] No. I don’t feel like I have to “fight against my beauty.” I have never had that thought. I don’t think that I ever was … I didn’t really bash my appearance back then. I’m much harder on myself now because I’ve seen myself with my face the size of a football field in an IMAX theater and it’s not’s something that anyone should ever have to sit through. It’s like, cruel to see yourself up in 3D – bad news. But no, I’ve never felt that I had to fight against the beauty “thing.”

Emma Stone
How about your evolution as a style icon? Would you think of designing? You have such great taste!
My stylist has really great taste – Petra Flannery has really great taste. I mean, I am opinionated, and as time goes on, as I’ve gotten to see more dresses or more clothes it’s easier to say I like that or I don’t like that, but it’s nothing I would ever, you know, design.

Who are you wearing right now? [She is wearing a dress. It is nice.]
Um, Gucci? Gucci. Yes, Mr Gucci made it himself. I don’t know, who designs for Gucci? [No one knows.]

Have you interests outside of acting you’d like to pursue?
Yes. I’d like to write. I think it would be interesting to make documentaries. It would be interesting to open up a flower shop. I think it would be fun to bake for a living, even though you have to get up really early. It would be fun to run a theater company full of people who get to do improv and put on plays. There’s a lot of things that I am really interested in.

You seem quite cynical about the world. [Not sure which room this guy has been in for the past half-hour.]
You think I’m cynical? Int-er-est-ing! I really try to fight against having a cynical outlook on the world. I really think we’re all born good and we all have compassion within us, and we’re all just trying to be the best versions of what we can be. I really try not to be… but JESUS, you think I’m cynical?

Cynical with a sense of humor maybe.
"Cynical with a sense of humor." Great. Put that on my tombstone. [Someone asks about a small tattoo on her inner wrist.]  It’s “Blackbird” – you know, the song? “Take these broken wings and learn to fly” – see, that’s not cynical!

Emma Stone Tattoo

How has sudden fame changed how you live your life?
It makes living in Los Angeles a lot less fun, but I’ve been in New York for the past three years-ish. And if I look at blogs or comments, which I’ve made the mistake of recently, which is the dumbest thing that you can do, because then that “cynic” in me just goes nuts. If I keep to the thing inside me, it’s all right, nothing has changed. I just can’t get too wrapped up in external stuff or too attached to any of that.

"The Croods" opens March 22nd, Stone will start shooting "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" soon.