LCD Soundsystem

If it's a funeral...let's have the best funeral ever. So goes the tagline for the LCD Soundsystem documentary "Shut Up And Play The Hits" and it looks like it's going to be the most ass-shaking goodbye to a band we've seen in a while.

Directed by Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace, the film is a chronicle of the 48 hours encompassing the band's final, massive show at Madison Square Garden, to the morning after when founder and frontman James Murphy has to start life for the first time with LCD Soundsystem behind him. EW has dropped the first trailer and it's pretty fantastic, capturing both the excitement and melancholia, hysteria and connectivity the band's music provided. It also does a good job -- with some pretty great cinematography -- of highlighting how much of a New York institution the band was. It looks like a winning kiss goodbye to a group so many came of age with.

"Shut Up And Play The Hits" premieres at Sundance in just a couple of weeks. Until then, turn up the speakers, and watch below. [embed courtesy of The Film Stage]