Yesterday, a curious bit of marketing for "Black Swan" dropped in the shape of a music video set to some rockin' beats.

While it's not exactly the best barometer of the film's mood, the spot did its job in serving up a tiny morsel of info that the soundtrack boasts new songs by The Chemical Brothers, Al Tourettes, Jakes, Kavsrave, Pete Min and Sepalcure (featuring Angelica Best). We did some digging and it turns out The Chemical Brothers have three brand new songs on the soundtrack while the other artists have one each. There's no word yet on if these tracks will get a movie tie-in release or not but don't let that stop you from picking up Clint Mansell's excellent score which hits the streets next week on November 30th.

As for "Black Swan," it will begin rolling out to theaters next Friday, December 3rd and if it isn't at the top of your must-see list, it should be. Check out the eight songs featured in the film after the jump:

1. Apotheosis – Pete Min
2. Danka Jane – The Chemical Brothers
3. Outside the Lines – Sepalcure featuring Angelica Bess
4. The White Easton – Al Tourettes
5. Illicit Dreaming – Kavsrave
6. Electric Hands – The Chemical Brothers
7. The Nina Frequency – The Chemical Brothers
8. Dark Sygnet - Jakes