The Incredibles

Apparently unprompted, Brad Bird has tweeted the image of an unreleased “The Incredibles” poster hand-painted by celebrated artist Robert McGinnis, who created the original iconic “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” poster as well as many controversial posters for the James Bond films.

While it is unclear whether this was a commissioned assignment that was rejected or simply a curiosity by an artist from an earlier era, it is interesting to compare the design to some of the released posters, which follow the modern trend of featuring one central, eye-catching statement, rather than including the entire plot of the movie in one picture as McGinnis’ poster does. Maybe it’s our cultural ADD that precludes us from comprehending more than one image at a time nowadays. Maybe the single image model is the result of branding being prioritized over story. Probably both. Whatever the case, it is a bit sad that we’re missing out on intricately painted works of art like McGinnis’ in favor of mind-searing advertising gimmicks. Sigh...nostalgia.

While you’re in the mood for retrospection, check out some of McGinnis’ hilariously suggestive Bond posters, like this one for “Thunderball.” My delicate 2013 sensibilities! Daniel Craig would be appalled. [via Bleeding Cool]

The Incredibles Poster