Cogan's Trade Pitt Close-Up

Brad Pitt seems to like WWII movies. Of course, he swaggered around Quentin Tarantino's comic book version of the war in "Inglourious Basterds," and later this year he'll be part of the tank unit in David Ayer's grittier "Fury." And next, it looks like the actor wants to return to the trenches, but this time for a little romance.

Deadline reports that Pitt is kicking the tires on an untitled WWII romantic thriller, penned by "Locke" and "Eastern Promises" writer Steven Knight. And that's about all the details there are at the moment. The trade says that "a big director" will be lined up, and we presume that's premised on the basis of Pitt signing up, with GK Films producing the effort. But this still has a long way to go with production not even eyed until next year, and a lot can change between then and now, particularly with someone as choosy with his projects as Pitt.

But, if the script is strong and the right director comes along to intrigue Pitt, this could certainly come together.