Danny McBride

Cameron Crowe has been keeping details on his next film a little bit on the down low. He's not quite Noah Baumbach, but aside from the cast— Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams and Emma Stone— we don't really know much else about the film. Granted it's expected to be reworking of the filmmaker's aborted "Deep Tiki," which he was once slated to make with Ben Stiller and Reese Witherspoon, but what exactly he's changed remains to be seen. But we do now know one more cast member who's coming aboard.

Speaking with Huffington Post, Cooper revealed that Danny McBride is part of the film as well, with his reps confirming his casting. And certainly the wacky plot details we know thus far seem to fit right in line with McBride's sensibilities. The story will follow a military contractor (Cooper) on a top-secret military launch mission on assignment in Hawaii who teams with an Air Force pilot (Stone) and together they plan to kibosh the operation. Again, no word on McBride's role and casting is still underway, but something tells us a clearer picture will emerge soon.

"Yeah, we start shooting in September," Cooper said. "I can't really say anything about the script, but I'm excited." So are we. No release date yet for this one, but we'll keep our eyes peeled in 2014.