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Brendan Fraser To Star In Fish Heist Comedy 'Whole Lotta Sole' Directed By Terry George (Seriously)

by Kevin Jagernauth
March 14, 2011 7:16 AM
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We hope you're sitting down for this, because the premise may topple you over in paroxysms of laughter (intentional or not).

Variety reports that Brendan Fraser is set to star in the fish heist comedy -- wait for it -- "Whole Lotta Sole." The story goes like this: Facing gambling debts (and apparently stupid) a young man decides to rob a fish store (known for being safe houses filled with cash) and things go hilariously awry leading to a hostage situation. Stop, you're killing us here! Fraser will play the shop owner who has his own problems, as he's on the run from his father-in-law who's a gangster. Will the wackiness ever end!?!?

Thomas Gallagher and interestingly/bizarrely Terry George ("Hotel Rwanda," "Reservation Road") wrote the screenplay with the latter directing. The film is set to lens in Northern Ireland and with a paltry budget of $5.5 million at least not too much money will be pissed away on this thing.

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  • Fred | March 15, 2011 3:26 AMReply

    Francis, sarcastic reports like this are fast becoming this site, along with the occasional overreactive "film is dead" review.

  • DL | March 14, 2011 10:02 AMReply

    Honestly, I loved the first Mummy, and liked the second. Fraser's not a superstar, or a paragon of acting, but I can't help but think he's better than this.

  • Francis | March 14, 2011 9:35 AMReply

    Kevin, sarcastic reports like this should be beneath this site.

  • Leah | March 14, 2011 9:23 AMReply

    The title of this movie definitely came before the plot of this movie.

    "I've got this great title, BUT HOW CAN I USE IT."

  • Marcos Oliveira | March 14, 2011 9:08 AMReply

    Brendan Fraser, oh boy... Why, I mean, WHY is he still working???

  • Smash Tit-house | March 14, 2011 7:41 AMReply

    I literally just shit my pants. Literally.

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