Brenton  Thwaites Nicola Peltz

With Mark Wahlberg confirmed to lead the mega-franchise, Michael Bay started his search for the new young leads that will help the kiddies decide which toy they want most from the upcoming "Transformers 4." And it looks like a decision has been made, and no, you probably never heard of them, and shockingly, neither is a Victoria's Secret model either.

Twitch reports Brendon Thwaites (huh?) and Nicola Peltz (who?) have landed the two other main lead roles alongside Wahlberg. If you watch Lifetime, you might recognize the Aussie Thwaites from "Blue Lagoon: The Awakening," or perhaps you're a fan of the soap "Home & Away." As for Peltz, she's just glad "The Last Airbender" won't be her cinematic legacy. But at the end of the day, these are two very affordable young stars that Paramount won't be breaking the bank for, and it's a nice opportunity for these actors to get a big leg up in their careers. Win, win all around. No exact details on their roles, but Thwaites will be the "biker boyfriend" of Peltz.

Production will begin next year and "Transformers 4" will arrive on June 27, 2014.