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Bret Easton Ellis Said Robert Pattinson Was E.L. James' First Choice For 'Fifty Shades,' Plus See Pattinson's Unedited Dior Commercial

by Drew Taylor
September 4, 2013 12:33 PM
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"American Psycho" author and "Canyons" screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis hasn't been coy about his feelings regarding E.L. James' bestselling "Fifty Shades of Grey," mostly in stream-of-conscious Twitter rants where he makes casting suggestions and volunteers himself for the role of the film's screenwriter (a job that already went to "Saving Mr. Banks" writer Kelly Marcel). Following the news of Charlie Hannam and Dakota Johnson in the highly anticipated sequel, Ellis has fired back with details from a conversation he had with James about who should star in the film (oh, okay it's everyone's favorite sparkly vampire Robert Pattinson). Also, get a look at Pattinson's gorgeous Dior Homme fragrance commercial, directed by the great Romain Gavras.

Given Ellis' interest in adapting the book, he talked with James earlier this summer about the film. On the heels of the casting announcement this weekend, Ellis tweeted that, while at a party with James over the summer (wait, these two party together?), she confessed that, "her first choice for Christian was Rob Pattinson." Now, this isn't exactly a shock to anyone who knows the history of "Fifty Shades of Grey," which began life as sexually explicit "Twilight" fan fiction. The character of Christian Grey (now played by Hunnam), a wealthy young entrepreneur who engages in a dom/sub relationship with a college student named Ana Steele (Johnson), was modeled closely after Pattinson's character from "Twilight," Edward the Vampire (that's what you say, right?)

What makes this Ellis tweet even more exceptionally is that he claimed that the conversation took place at Robert Pattinson's house. Also, according to the ironclad Ellis tweet newsfeed: both Ian Somerhalder, who had a role in an underrated adaptation of Ellis' "Rules of Attraction," and Matt Bomer from "Magic Mike" were never in the running for the Christian Grey role. But they're both so cute!

Even though Pattinson won't star in "Fifty Shades of Grey," you can still gawk at him in literal shades of grey: check out this gorgeous and very sexy, uncensored black-and-white ad for Dior Homme Fragrance, directed by the terrific French director Romain Gavras (which reminds us – is his amazing narrative feature "Our Day Will Come" ever going to be released in the US?) The ad features Pattinson skulking around rooftops like Batman and making out with a very gorgeous young woman. The whole film is luxuriously shot in black-and-white and Pattinson has never looked more in control of his freakish handsomeness. If someone is baffled by how this guy could be a heartthrob, just show them this ad. Between the locations, the photography, and the music (it's scored to a Led Zepplin tune), this ad probably cost approximately one billion dollars.

The "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie, entirely Pattinson-free, will be released on August 1st, 2014, where it will go up against Marvel and Disney's "Guardians of the Galaxy." Talk about counter-programming! Something for kids and their sexually frustrated mothers! 


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  • Harper | September 4, 2013 8:41 PMReply

    Pattinson held a birthday party for a friend, and EL James crashed the party as Heather Graham's plus one. She wasn't on the guest list, and when Pattinson was alerted that she was there, he made himself scarce.

    The next day James told People Mag that she had "wanted to tell Rob he was her inspiration, but she never got to meet him." She talked to Ellis instead and now he's tweeting to get attention. He's pathetic and she's frightening.

    So glad Pattinson will have nothing to do with her or this dreck.

  • maxime | September 4, 2013 2:54 PMReply


  • BPositive | September 5, 2013 12:15 AM

    Rob has stated that he is "interested in working with geniuses" and I too am glad that he is not involved whatsoever with this fan fiction project. I did not read the books nor will I see these films.

    Rob's Dior Homme campaign is cool, edgy and elegant. Rob and Camille's onscreen chemistry is absolutely sizzling.

  • maxime | September 4, 2013 3:03 PM

    Sorry, wrong start :)
    The figure of Christian Grey was mostly modeled on Rob Pattinson himself: his mannerismes, the long piano fingers, his wild manes at the time, the clothes he wore during photo shoots.
    It was a known fact that Robert wouldn't consider this part. Afters years of being hunted by fans and paps on a daily base, the reluctant star wasn't waiting for another frenzy. Just like Twilight, the Fifty Shade trilogy is as much hated as loved, I don't think he could endure the passionate reactions again. He' s doing now what he always wanted to do: choosing indie projects with critical acclaimed directors to improve his acting skills.
    He has said in an interview that he'd like to support film projects of upcoming talented directors, the huge deal with Dior should help him with that.
    Good to know too: it was Robert Pattinson who insisted to the Dior team to take Romain Gavras to direct the commercial. He's an admirer of him for quite a while. There cooperationd resulted in a briljant artistically made ad with a sensuality only Robert can pull of (with a big thanks to model Camille for her terrific job either).
    He's not a teen heartthrob anymore, he has become a women's idol and seks symbol, like Dean and Brando. Dior was right when they asked him.

  • Kanerwa | September 4, 2013 2:16 PMReply

    Wonder what kind of porn is for sexually frustrated daddys.

  • Glass | September 4, 2013 3:44 PM

    Fisting. Lots and lots of fisting.

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