So Bret Easton Ellis, chronicler of all things unsavoury by people with easy access to drugs, sex and money ("American Psycho," "The Informers") has written a movie about students held hostage in shark infested water. It's called "Bait." Of course.

We wish we could tell you more but that's basically the premise and it sounds pretty stupidly awesome. The film is set to be directed by Jonas Pate, a mostly television based producer/director who has hung around the sets of "Friday Night Lights" and "Caprica." The plan is to shoot the film in the spring at Ciudad de la Luz studios in Alicante, Spain as well as on location in an actual body of water. We hope at that time we learn who prompts a kidnapper to launch the craziest ransom scheme ever. We'll bet Patrick Bateman could never have thought up something like this.

The film joins a recent surge in shark/fish related terror movies with this summer's "Piranha 3D" spawning a quickie sequel "Piranha 3DD" which will be released next year. David R. Ellis has an untitled shark-based horror movie thingy coming out next year too. It looks like it's gonna be Shark Week all the time. [Variety]