Lindsay Lohan

New year, new news! (How will I introduce these news posts come February? I'd better start thinking of something now...) Let's kick it off with a double bit of casting news about Vincent Cassel, everyone's favourite menacing Frenchman, who has boarded two European flicks. First is the thriller, “Rien ne sert courir," the next film from French mono-name director Maiwenn, whose “Polisse” played Cannes to some acclaim in 2011. The other new gig for polyglot Cassel is Italian project “The Tale of Tales,” where he'll be joined by Salma Hayek and directed by Matteo Garrone, the filmmaker behind “Gomorrah” and “Reality.” And by the way, the original 17th century Italian title of the source material, is a collection of morality tales, “Lo cunto de li cunti.” Just in case that ever, uh, comes in handy. [Variety/Variety]

Also coming in over the wires is some news about a couple of aging action men. Bruce Willis has been cast alongside Bill Murray in the previously announced “Rock the Kasbah." It's a flick in which Murray will play a music manager capering in Afghanistan, chasing the next big thing. No word on who Willis will be, but we imagine there's more call for Willis' skillset than Murray's on the mean streets of Kabul, so he should fit in just fine (although, really, is there anywhere Bill Murray won't enjoy himself?). [Showbiz 411]

Harrison Ford, meanwhile, has been attached to a project that might be even older than he is: “Adalinewhich first surfaced back in 2010 as the passion project of one Katherine Heigl (remember her?), who apparently really wanted to make a movie about a woman who was supernaturally stuck in her 20s until she could find love: a sort, of 'Benjamin Button' meets "Groundhog Day" kind of thing, maybe? The whole idea was bizarre and when Heigl, who was the driving force behind it, dropped out (as she tends to do), the project looked doomed. But no! It was resurrected last fall starring Blake Lively and Ellen Burstyn, and then nothing more was heard until last week, when Harrison frickin' Ford was cast in it (oh, and now it's called “The Age of Adaline”). It's now apparently set to be directed by Lee Toland Krieger, of “The Vicious Kind” and “Celeste & Jesse Forever.” Unless this whole thing is some very elaborate Hollywood joke about the nature of time? This seems increasingly plausible. [The Wrap]

Some rather more fast-moving news: last week we brought you news of the new project from Rebecca Miller (“The Ballad of Jack and Rose”—see it). The new film is “Maggie's Plan,” a tale of Greta Gerwig trying to make her way in New York City. Now we hear that the excellent Julianne Moore has joined the cast, which makes it even more exciting. Meanwhile the remake of the 1974 movie “The Gambler" is gathering pace, with the announcement of Emory Cohen, Bradley Cooper's son from “The Place Beyond The Pines” for the cast. He joins Brie Larson, Mark Wahlberg, Jessica Lange, John Goodman and Michael K. Williams. Wow. [Deadline/THR]

Meanwhile, after the infamy of "The Canyons," Lindsay Lohan is eager to make another movie, signing up to star in and produce the low-budget psychological thriller "Inconceivable" (LOL). Production on the project is slated to begin March, and Lohan will be choosing the director herself, for the movie which is keeping plot details under wraps. We presume Paul Schrader won't be getting a call. [The Wrap]

But, for every casting, there must be an un-casting, or something: the Hollywood Equilibrium must be maintained. Thus comes news that Reese Witherspoon has exited “The Intern,” which we reported on back in November. The project has hit this kind of snag before: it was originally designed for Tina Fey and Michael Caine. Robert De Niro took over the latter part, but with Witherspoon gone it's not clear if he too will move on from Nancy Meyer's project. Watch this space...