Star Trek Into Darkness Benedict Cumberbatch

J.J. Abrams only lets you see what you he wants you to see, and when it comes to his films before release, it isn't much. And so it's not surprising that these two latest photos for "Star Trek Into Darkness," coming in via some kind of app for the movie, aren't exactly Earth-shattering revelations.

Instead, what we get are a lot of serious faces. There's Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto -- as Kirk and Spock -- furrowing their brows, likely at some order they don't agree with or something, and there's Benedict Cumberbatch looking like he's voguing for a perfume ad, wearing a pretty boss jacket while he's at it. What could he plotting? Are we still wondering whether or not he's Khan or related to Khan? Did you guys see "Parade's End"? It was really good.

Speculate away, but you won't be waiting too long to uncover the secrets. "Star Trek Into Darkness" sets phasers to fun! on May 17th. [Latino Review]

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