Lea Seydoux Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

Perhaps worried that news of "The Dark Knight Rises" prologue playing in front of it was taking some of the steam off "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol," Paramount has dropped a new action-packed clip from movie that is a nice change from Tom Cruise swinging around outside and Jeremy Renner jumping down a shaft.

Two very beautiful and talented women, Lea Seydoux and Paula Patton, beat the living shit out of each other in this new scene from IGN. As expected, the French actress plays a baddie and she squares off against Patton in a Jason Bourne-style smackdown that features zero hair-pulling. This is some pretty intense hand-to-hand stuff...Gina Carano better watch her back. But joking aside, it certainly shows that Brad Bird does have a good flair for action in a live setting, even if the style seems ripped from another franchise entirely.

'Ghost Protocol' goes into effect on IMAX on December 16th, before rolling out wide on December 21st. What was that about Batman? Watch below.