Harmony Korine Spring Breakers

While James Franco and the producers behind "Spring Breakers: The Second Coming" have been caught up in a war of words, director Harmony Korine had his own reaction to the news of the sequel that he posted to Facebook a little earlier, saying: "Like what the F$$$ so some guy decided to make spring breakers two without mine our James permission lame muthafuker!" But life continues for Korine. He has a possible project brewing with Robert Pattinson, and uh, he's designing handbags. For real.

Fashion brand Agnes B. hired Korine to design a purse for them, and the result is perfectly Harmony Korine. He took their beautiful bag and then then scrawled a monster on the side, and stamped with his signature. Done. So much will it cost you ladies to walk around with this Korine embroidered nightmare on your shoulder? $395. Check it out below. [Bustle]

Harmony Korine Purse