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While it might seem somewhat random and out of the blue, Mondo has decided to honor the directorial films of Ben Affleck with a new poster series. And certainly, being recently cast as Batman and with "Argo" arriving in a fresh Extended Edition on home video this week, any reason is a good reason to revisit his movies.

And so we have three new posters (and one variant) taking on "Argo," "Gone Baby Gone" and "The Town," and even from the design, you can see a shift in Affleck's films. "Argo" is clearly the loosest and most "fun" of the designs, while the crime flicks play up the stark and harrowing nature of their stories. But all three effectively capture the spirit of Affleck's movies, so mission accomplished and job well done.

The posters will be available to buy staring on Monday, December 9th. So for the movie lover on your list, this could be a nice treat. Check 'em out below.

Argo Poster
Gone Baby Gone Poster
The Town Poster
The Town Poster