Christopher McQuarrie, 'Star Blazers'

Let's take a step back in time, shall we? Way back in 2011Skydance snapped up the rights to the 1970s Japanese animation series "Star Blazers," and tapped Christopher McQuarrie to write the script for a big budget live-action film version, and then nothing was heard from it again. Well, franchise opportunities never die and this one is back on the radar.

Deadline reports that McQuarrie will now also direct the film from his own script.The series, an American dub of the Japanese anime "Space Battleship Yamato," follows a spaceship, built from the remains of a WW2 battleship, that flees Earth after a war with a race known as the Gamilons. Of course, "the intention is to hatch a franchise," and so sooner or later, we reckon this one will graduate from the development chain and become an actual thing.

But, as for when McQuarrie will actually get a chance to make it, remains to be seen. Dude has no shortage of projects brewing including "Ice Station Zebra," the miniseries "Unforgiven" and of course, "Mission: Impossible 5." But not bad for a guy who admits he was once alienated from industry altogether...