Get ready for your mind to be blown all over again.

A source from Reality Jockey, the makers behind the RjDj iPhone app which lets you create and remix music from any sound in your immediate environment, has told Wired UK that they are working with Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer on a new “augmented sound project” based on the excellent "Inception" soundtrack.

So what will it be? Apparently, it will be a piece of software not unlike RjDj that "will squeeze the music through different "dreams" (filters) depending on the location, time, date and activity of the user." Their source goes on to say, "There are dreams that are only played once a month on full-moon nights, or when the weather is bad, or when someone is traveling at more than 120mph...”

This sounds like a total mind bender in the best way possible and we can't wait to hear what Nolan and Zimmer have in the works for one of our favorite scores of the year. No word on when it will street but with Wired expecting to deliver a review in the coming weeks, this one looks like it's nearly in the can. Don't be surprised if it shows up on iTunes (or wherever) around when "Inception" lands on DVD and BluRay on December 7th.